TRooThemes has adjusted this privacy policy in compliance with current laws and policies in order to properly protect the privacy rights of its users and enhance user experience. Users of TRooThemes can collect, manage, and secure their personal information by following the specific policies and precautions outlined in this privacy statement. Regardless of whether you access TRooThemes services through computer devices, mobile devices, or other devices, this privacy policy is applicable to all services that TRooThemes offers to you.

1. The gathering of personal data

You have been advised and agree that TRooThemes may record pertinent personal information you supply, such as your name, mobile number, etc., when you register for a TRooThemes user account or use the services offered by TRooThemes. Your access to the services offered by TRooThemes is based on the aforementioned personally identifiable information. In addition, TRooThemes will collect other data in order to enhance user experience and enhance the quality of its services. For instance, when you access TRooThemes, we may gather data about the use of our services, information about your browser, and other things in order to improve our services.

2. Handling of personal information

TRooThemes will use your personal information in the following circumstances in order to give you better services and products:

According to your consent, the applicable laws and regulations, the requirements of TRooThemes’ reception section-related service conditions, and the application licence user agreement.

Additionally, you understand that TRooThemes may use non-private personal information about you for marketing purposes as permitted by applicable laws and regulations, and you consent to this use. The following are some examples of potential uses: displaying advertisements to you on the TRooThemes platform, sending you promotional materials, advising you about TRooThemes services and products, and other similar uses of TRooThemes services or products that you might find interesting based on the information you have provided.

Use proper password protection at suitable locations, restrict access to user personal information, and take other reasonable precautions to protect users’ personal information.

There is still no assurance that your personal information will be secure during hazardous communications, even though reasonable and appropriate steps have always been taken and must adhere to the applicable standards mandated by law and TRooThemes. Users should therefore take proactive steps to guarantee the security of their own personal information, such as frequently changing account passwords and refraining from exposing personal information like account passwords to third parties.

You are aware that the TRooThemes platform is the only place where the personal information protection services are offered. When you use other platforms, services, or your browser after leaving TRooThemes,

3. Obtaining access to personal data

You can access or edit the personal data you provided to TRooThemes after submitting your account application. While you can generally browse at any time and edit the information you’ve already submitted, you might not be able to do so for security and identity-related reasons when you initially apply for TRooThemes services.

4. Use of web beacons and cookies

Cookies, which are frequently used by platforms to detect whether the user who has completed the application has logged in, can assist the platform identify users and count the number of users. TRooThemes guarantees that research on Cookie information will only be applied to enhance user experience and improve the quality of services/products. You can set your browser to “reject cookies” or “notify you when the platform sends cookies” if you don’t want your personal information stored in cookies. Since the TRooThemes service relies on supporting cookies, your ability to access TRooThemes or the TRooThemes service may be hampered if the cookie is totally disabled. You could be asked to keep cookies if you don’t disable them.

5. The privacy protection policy has been modified

Any part of the “privacy policy” may be changed at any moment by TRooThemes. TRooThemes will make any changes to the “privacy policy” on the TRooThemes platform known as soon as the substance of the policy changes. This publishing behavior is interpreted by TRooThemes as a request for you to edit your material. Additionally, TRooThemes can prompt users to edit content in various suitable methods. You have the right to discontinue using TRooThemes’ services if you disagree with the terms of this privacy policy as changed by TRooThemes. You will be regarded to have accepted any modifications made to this agreement by TRooThemes if you continue to use their services.